(Part 1/3) FINALe: “Mind-Blowing”

“This house is too damn big,” I said to myself as I walked the hallways in pursuit of somewhere quiet to rest before the festivities began.

Outside I could hear the band practicing for the celebration.  Cameras were rolling as always- it was part of our platform to invite the world into this house with us; reality-show style.  We wanted people to finally learn the truth about what went on in here.  This was a promise I greatly regretted making.

Continuing my hunt to find a place to hide, I wondered where the boys were…

Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I loved having the kids all here with us, but the energy they brought with them was exhausting.  In reality though, the place was fifty-five thousand square feet, so, who could really blame them for venturing around like four wild tornadoes.  You might think that they’d be used to this place after seven years, but even I sometimes got overly excited by it all- it would not be right for me to be upset with them.  Truth be told…I often still felt like a marauder in my own home myself (it was weird).

Turning the corner, I stopped, as my eyes were briefly distracted by the picture of myself and Patrick Mahomes- reminding me of how this whole roller coaster began…

After releasing that story on our website-RecoveryHighSchool.com-I had received an email from an N.F.L. Representative: “We would like to have you attend this year’s Super Bowl.  Please contact us immediately.”

I remember thinking it was a joke.  That was until I received the call from this super bowl quarterback inviting me to be his personal guest.  Somehow-amazingly-he had come across the story.  It was truly incredible-a miracle more like it.   

Reflecting on that memory, I said a silent thank you to all the people that supported me at the very beginning on our Facebook page; ‘Social Recovery 101’.  Only by them sharing our message was all of this possible.  Looking at this picture of my now friend-Patrick-it all seemed more unbelievable than ever.  

For so long I had hibernated in fear.  Until finally, I let myself live this dream.  Good-God did it feel AMAZING! 

“Hope is definitely the best drug of them all,” I said out loud in the deserted hallway. 

Shaking my head in an attempt to come back to reality I walked towards my office door.  I longed for the couch at the center of the circular room.  

Approaching the door, I brought the three fingers of my right hand up to my lips and kissed them.   I then placed those fingers on the picture of my grandparents hanging on the wall outside my office. They had fought so hard to see this dream of mine become a reality, and I made sure that I would forever remember them for it…. “Lives that inspire never expire, until we meet again,” I said out loud, touching the picture of them; a ritual I had started and one that I would keep alive as long as I could.  

Shutting the door behind me, I was beyond happy to simply have some peace and quiet.  Sitting down, I was distracted by yet another picture; this time of my wife-Emma.  Looking at it, I knew that I needed to make this day special for her.

The date today is April 15th, 2040; my wife’s 50th birthday.  Seeing her glowing smile looking back at me made my heart feel full. 

Laying down on the couch, I closed my eyes.  For a moment I let myself reflect on all that I had to be grateful for:

A single word that changed everything.  With it, a new future was born.  Humanity chose to create a different path forward.  A campaign to detach from the norm and build something new was welcomed with open arms by a broken-down nation thirsting for change.  The overwhelming desire to diverge as one human race was enough to make even the non-believer consider believing again.  It was a truly magical transformation.

…For a quick second this moment was mentally side-tracked by a responsibility that popped into my mind; distracting me.  “I needed to call M.”   Our annual Transcending Concert needed another performer…he had told me he had an idea on who he wanted to ask…I needed to call him and find out who would be joining our squad…

Bringing myself back to the moment at hand, I wondered, “Who could have imagined that so many people would unite over a simple idea?”  I laughed at the thought… “You’re a crazy A-hole!  From the Pathway House in Gardner, Massachusetts-to the White House in Washington D.C.!!  You fn’ did it!!!”

Was all of this destiny?  Or did I create it??  Who could know for sure???

Honestly…I did not really care at this moment.  As being the first ever third-party candidate to be elected President of the United States- the Divergent Party-was now simply a notch on my belt of accomplishments.  It sounded crazy back then…but as we discovered…the world WAS crazy.   And they loved me for making them realize it.  I could do anything-I was unstoppable. 

Lost in a world that once only existed in my mind, I brought myself back to the task at hand.  The speech I intended to give today was going to be epic.   It was crucial I presented every word of it perfectly.  

Visualizing myself doing something was important to getting it right.  I kept my eyes closed and began to imagine myself giving the speech later in the day…

“Thank You-Thank You-Thank You….You’re far to kind!  (Pause until crowd stops cheering).  Dear friends. (Pause 1 Count) The Time Has Come. (Pause 2 count). My wife’s long-awaited day of celebration is here.  (Pause 3 count).  Now, before we get this party started, let me begin this speech like I do all my others…as she would not forgive me if I did it any other way.  (Pause 3 count).  Y-O-U are changing this world.  Our progress continues to rely on YOUR actions.  They were, and will continue to be, what changes this world. (Pause 2 count).  You are the miracle, let us never forget that.  (Pause 2 count).  I am simply here to show you that there is far more good in this world than there is evil.  That there are more people you can ask for help, than there are people to be scared of.  That there is more reason for you to learn how to love, than there is for you to learn how to hold a gun.  (Pause 2 count) It is my responsibility to help you see this.  (Pause 1 Count).  I can open your eyes.  (pause 1 count). Take you wonder, by wonder. (pause 1 count). Over…Sideways…and Under.  (Pause 1 count). On a-”




(to be continued…)

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“Music is my time machine.”  

Cinderella Man by Eminem

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