(19) Three Young Men

Week nineteen has us on our computers again. It was halfway through the month of January 2021 and we were still remote because of lingering concerns over this virus. Knowing that next week ended semester two; marking the end of my tenure at the school, there was one more lesson I wanted to share with my students before we ran out of time. Lily was sitting in on this class as her face has its own cube on screen: 

“Did you all have time to read the short story and write your reflections?” I said to start this Friday class of ours. 

They had all received it a day prior:

Thirteen-point-eight billion years ago. In a computer lab before time. Two Engineers were in fierce competition with one another. One, named Alya, had a creation that far surpassed the other’s: Actually, you’d call it more of a simulation than a creation. As the competition came to a close, the other engineer, named Lucifer, became overwhelmed with jealousy. Facing inevitable defeat, Lucifer snuck onto Alya’s computer and punched two simple buttons: X followed by the number 2. By pressing these keys in combination, ‘X2’, Lucifer added an element into Alya’s model of D-N-A. Undetectable to this great creator, Alya, the element added would infect her creation with something called ‘Deceit’—Forever Sabotaging Her Experiment.

Throughout the year I had written articles and asked my students to answer a, ‘Question For Reflection’. Besides wanting them to get in the practice of keeping a journal to chronical their personal development, one of the other purposes behind this was to increase their cognitive ability to interpret stories. 

Rather than simply watch and believe, I had hoped to teach them to watch and decipher. In the outline for my curriculum I referred to this ability as an individual’s ‘C.S.I. Score’:

Common Sense Intellect: One’s ability to separate truth from fiction when presented a piece of entertainment in the real world.     

As our time together was coming to an end, I wanted to put my students’ ability to do this to the test…

Looking at them through my computer screen, I spoke a statement that I had spent time preparing and did my best to deliver it with purpose. “Writing allows me to constructively detach from daily struggle and dream of a different world. A world where destiny is real, and the ability to diverge from where you are is available to anyone that wants it. A world I wish we could all live in one day.” I then paused before asking the question that would get this lesson started, “Now, could you all please share your thoughts about this story I wrote for you?” 

Listening to them, I kept the conversations on track when necessary but hardly muttered a word. As I watched them all ask ‘What-If-Questions’ of one-another; including Lily, I knew that this class of mine was right on track. Some of them pushed me for answers, but I deflected by simply turning their questions into more questions; knowing they would get my answers soon enough.

The conversation was even more intense than I expected. We had all become comfortable with one another which meant we all spoke with loose tongues. This made our classes together fun and entertaining, but dangerous at the same time. All of them had put some real thought into what the story inferred.

At one-point, Lauryn got really offended by what Pras perceived this story to mean and the two of them got into a heated argument (a causality of imaginative minds clashing). As I had anticipated, religion was a key discussion point. This was not normally encouraged at school but something that I welcomed on this day.

As you know by now, I do not abide by many rules of a traditional classroom. Shying away from discussing religion, however, is something I do try and comply with. 

The reason for this is best explained by Richard Holloway in his book; A brief History of Religion: “It is obvious from our history that humans are good at hating each other. And it is usually those that differ from us in some way who become the objects of our hatred. Race, class, color, sex, politics, even hair color can prompt ugly behavior in us; so can religion. In fact, religious hatred is probably the deadliest form of this human disease: Because it gives humans’ dislike divine justification. It is one thing to hate people because you don’t like their opinions, it is another thing to say God hates them too and wants them exterminated.”

The day I made the decision to go forward with this controversial lesson of mine, I had pulled behind an SUV in a grocery store parking lot. This SUV had stickers on its back windshield. On the left was a stick-figure illustration of a mom, a dad, and three children holding hands; beside them was a small dog. Next to this cute sticker was a separate sticker with the letters WWJD; this sticker was common and stood for: What Would Jesus Do. Now, on the opposite side of this same window was another sticker: “Trump 2020—Make Liberals Cry Again.” 

Earlier on that same day, while on a walk, I saw a similar scene. Draped over a porch railing was a large banner that read, “Jesus Saves;” above it, to the left, a flag flew, “Trump 2020—Keep America Great!”

The combination of those two things that day truly annoyed me. While I had avoided these conversations in my class, I decided then that I could avoid it no longer: “Separation of church and state my ass—That’s some real bullshit right there.” 

Dear Reader, obviously I said none of this to my students on this day, but I needed to get it off my chest, so, thank you for listening. I will now get back to class…

When I wrote the short story, I purposely intended to spark the debate Lauryn and Pras were having. Watching them get annoyed with one another, I secretly congratulated myself at a job well done.   

Knowing time was short, I took back control of the class, “Alright my friends,” I started, “Like all the stories you’ve read this year, I created this one also. Would you like to know the meaning behind it?”  

In life there are certain moments we wish to freeze in time, to remember so that we may one day reflect and smile upon them when needed. Knowing that this was going to be one of those moments, I looked out amongst my students and tried to take a mental picture. 

“You all know that I’ve been married and divorced twice correct?” 

“Third times the charm!” chirped Nel from his cube. His audience, Pras and Lauren, simply nodded their heads in response to my question: clearly not in the mood to laugh at Nel’s comment. I could see in the faces of Pras and Lauren that the two of them were still upset over the argument they had a few seconds prior.  

Focusing on Lily, I could not help but smirk as I looked in her eyes through the computer screen and said, “I wrote the story so that one day the world might learn that my second ex-wife was a deceitful bitch.” 


Heading into 2016, this inescapable idea of mine would not leave me alone. Even if I was suffering from delusional thinking; even if my vision broke from reality; even if I was crazy: Did that mean I was supposed to simply throw the story I felt called to share with the world in the trash and forget about it forever?

Though no one wanted to hear me say it out loud: That was not going to happen.

Not working at the time, I decided that I would secretly prepare to give it another shot. The website I created was still up and running so I spent time cleaning up my presentation and adding things that were now relevant: things I had learned and things that had happened. 

At this point I still wanted what I wrote to be significant, but there was a new realization I had come to accept that would change my approach slightly: People Did Not Read. 

Somehow, I would have to get their attention before people willingly dedicated time to read my story. While I struggled figuring out how exactly I’d do this, I knew one thing for certain: This time around I was not going to rely on family or friends.  

Eventually it became clear to me that I would need to use social media and the internet.  

“Everyone seems able to get recognized on social media nowadays, with such a great message to share, how hard could it be?”

I began creating visuals and videotaping scenes from movies and television that I would eventually use to make a video: “This will get their attention,” I told myself.

Crazy—Yes. We’ve established this already. But this is what happened. I’m simply the messenger…

During the first few months of 2016, everyone was talking about the upcoming election. This is when Trump had entered the scene and I was not a fan from day one. However, I; unlike a lot of the world at the time, believed it entirely possible that he would win this election. I had been in the trenches and knew how broken things were. People were itching for someone new, something exciting: A man with big hands fit the bill.

“Donald Trump is going to win this election… Unless I can somehow stop him,” I thought to myself.

Was I on medicine at this time? — Yes. But clearly, my dosage must have been off. My delusional ambitions simply grew as I cut myself off from the world even more. And I was now more dedicated than ever.  

By May 27th, 2016, my entire basement was filled with visuals that would help introduce myself to the world. Very soon I would be ready to put my video together, post it on YouTube, and go viral. I was going to burst onto the world scene and be the one to talk sense into my fellow Americans before we all made a mistake that we would regret forever! 

This plan was simple…What could go wrong…

Around two that morning I woke up and had a cigarette on my back porch. The moon was bright, and I looked up at it with hopes that this time around I would get things right. Everything was falling into place. The world was not ready for my story before. I was not ready before. But now, it was time.   

Crawling back into bed with Sirena, I had just fallen back to sleep when the fire alarms began going off. With my heart in my throat I ran up the stairs from our finished basement, where our bedroom was, and entered the kitchen. Out of our small kitchen window I saw the fire running up the side of the house…. 

“—What the FUCK did I do now?”

***End Of Breaking Knews***

I had been trying to limit the swears used in my class. Calling my ex-wife a ‘deceitful bitch’ went against this new rule of mine, but strong words were necessary in order for this message to hit its mark. It was all part of the plan.  

“—Yo, Mr. J!” Exploded Nel, with a loud laugh.

“You’re an ass,” added Lauryn, not laughing.

Pras stayed quiet, smiling lightly; probably pondering the legitimacy of my teachings.  

Lily had conveniently disappeared from her cube on screen in the midst of my students’ reactions. But a moment later my phone received a message from her: A Cry-Laughing-Emoji. After looking at this text, I noticed her sneak back into her cube on the computer screen in front of me. Though she tried hiding it, her giggling did not go unnoticed.

“Miss Lily don’t encourage him—” Lauryn said with a straight face. It was not what I said about my ex-wife that Lauryn was upset about: she was mad I let her argue with Pras over something that now seemed irrelevant. “You’re really an ass Mr. J.”

At this, Lily broke her silence, “I’m sorry Lauryn but that was funny. Are you really gonna call Mr. J an ass for making us laugh?”

“Yup!” responded Lauryn; yet a smile blossomed.

Knowing that I had gotten the message across successfully, I gathered myself in order to present them with the lesson this class was designed to teach, “How many of you want revenge—To get back at those that have wronged you—To show the world that you were right, and they were wrong—That they suck, and you don’t?”

I’d read somewhere that a human’s most crippling desire is that to be heard. Well, social media has filled this void of ours. Social media offers individuals a tool allowing them to create their own personal war-against-the-world. Unfortunately, we have yet to comprehend the psychological effect it is having on us. I knew this when I asked them these questions and I hoped that they all recognized it as well. 

I continued speaking, “I wrote that story in my own personal journal in the middle of the night a few months ago. When I wrote it, I was sad, and I was angry. A dangerous mixture of emotions. Now, if I would have jumped on social media and wrote how I felt about my ex-wife at the time I most certainly would have regretted it…”  

On my desk was a paper-sized white erase board. In preparation for this class I had written something on it. At this point I held it up so they could see it:  

P.R.I.D.E.= Poor Ride Into Darkness (for) Everyone

“To have pride in who you are, and what you do is a good thing. But there is such a thing as false pride that will bring darkness into your life. My ex-wife leaving was hard on me. When I wrote that story, it’s clear I had still not accepted it. My ‘false-pride’ would not permit me to. I can tell you with certainty that I would have regretted putting any of my hurt on social media. I would have never been able to take it back. If I had said something about her using that weapon…the internet…would people have ever forgotten what I said? …. As you consider that, Pras, let me ask you… Will you ever forget the meaning being X2 now?”

Softening, Pras responded, “Nope.”

“Hundreds of years ago, when civilizations voyaged into lands unknown, it was normal for people to be scared of new things. It was a dangerous and scary world. Today we are not much different. In this new world of ours the internet can be a dangerous place. Nowadays proving to others that we are winning is part of surviving in this dark forest of ours. 

“When I was upset with my ex, a part of me wanted to scream it. I dreamt of saying something that would make her the loser and me the winner. Very simply: I wanted revenge. But, here’s the thing: Winning is not always important. Very often, losing opens up doors that winning cannot.  In fact—”

“—No way!” interrupted Nel. He was in a very combative mood this day. “That’s just teachers speak. Winning is important. Everyone wants to win. No one gives a shit if you’re a good loser.”

Slightly annoyed at his interruption, his tone, and his language, I fought with myself where to take our discussion. Looking at Pras, still looking upset, I decided at that moment to offer him some entertainment. Preparing for a fight, I responded, “Nell, my friend, did your President lose this year’s election?” 

Nel did not hide his love for Donald Trump in our class. Lacing up his gloves, he replied diplomatically, “That’s really nothing we know for certain Mr. J.” 

“Bullshit Pras, he lost—” I let my voice rise a bit for theatrical purposes, “As far as votes are concerned—He lost. Period. I don’t care what that Rabid-Fox-Blood coursing through your veins tells you otherwise…But in reality, was losing really a bad thing?  

“Our country is fighting amongst itself. This pandemic is going to have financial implications in the coming years that no president can prevent. There is hate bubbling up and blame being cast in all directions. It’s an absolute mess. I can’t imagine any person in their right mind—that’s assuming you think your guy is in his right mind—that would want to be President. I believe that your President won this election by losing Nel…and honestly, I think he knows it.”

On que, Pras walked into the conversation before Nel could punch back, “He’s a narcissist, Mr. J. He does not think logically. He wants to win no matter what. All the time.”

“—Name calling Pras,” I interjected; knowing that I started this fight and needed to temper it before things got out of hand, “Even if he is what you say Pras, you don’t change someone like that with name calling. You create something they want, and then tell them that they are no longer needed. Make them change in order to be wanted again. Right now, there is nothing that is going to force Trump; or his supporters, to change Pras. And that’s not Trump’s fault, I’m sorry, but it’s not.”

Pras knew my feelings about Trump, and I knew he could handle what I was saying to him. Nel was a different animal, however. I had to tread carefully in order to avoid creating a purgatory type chasm between him and I. This was politics. 

Waiting for Nel to speak, Lauryn jumped in instead, “Then who’s fault is it Mr. J?”

God did I love this girl. By her speaking she immediately put Nel back on his leash. He had no choice but to listen now. I needed to make sure I singed this wound quickly, “Well…really Lauryn, it’s no ones. Not to sound crazy, but all of this was inevitable. If you look at how humanity has evolved, a time where hate divided us so loudly was going to happen eventually. Maybe we should all thank Trump for ripping off the band-aid. I know it doesn’t feel like anyone is winning right now; I know things appear unfixable; but what if we had to go through all of this to create something better?”

Not hearing anyone respond to this question of mine, I realized that this was some deep shit I was shoveling at them. Changing gears, I went back to old-reliable: some swearing-laced humor, “Kinda like I needed my ex-wife to be a deceitful bitch in order for my life to be what it is today.”

Recognizing that the time to sprinkle had arrived, I attempted to bring this class of ours to a peaceful conclusion, “Speaking of my ex-wife, before we end today, I need to make sure you all know that she is not the deceitful bitch I have been jokingly calling her. This woman stood by me through some very challenging times in my life, and I would not be here today without her. For that reason, I hope that what we have talked about today stays between us. Have I been hurt by some of her decisions? —Yes. But in reality, I won the lottery the day she chose to leave me…”

Pausing a moment to reflect on events of the past, the ending of this lesson became clear to me, “Someday you will have a person that bounces back and forth in your life; from friends to enemies, and hopefully back again. How you feel about people in your life can be temporary: If you are strong enough to let it be that way. X2 is a great mother to my youngest son, and today she is still a great friend to me. Removed from the pain of a broken heart, I can tell you in all honesty that I do still love her.”

Week 19 (1.15.21):

“Three Young Men”

Dear Squad,

Earlier this week we joked about what would happen if I ever became a successful author with the book I will write. While Lauryn claims I am too old to become famous, I have decided to play with your minds a little and imagine a world in which she has been proven shockingly wrong. Let me bring you all into a future where your teacher, Mr. J., has changed the world….

In a galaxy far-far away, three young men; 

The Joker, The Believer, and The Thinker, 

lay in front of their screens preparing to watch their favorite show:

 “The Sunday Roast—A JoJo Enterprise Production.”

Sitting in a simple arm-chair in front of a large window, the host began his introduction: “Hello everyone, my name is Brett Fever and today’s date is Sunday, April 15th, 2040. Thank you all for joining us. We promise you won’t regret it.” 

The pony-tailed host crossed his legs, grabbed a few pieces of paper off his lap, and began to read, “We wish to begin this show with a quote; ‘Retain Even In Opposition Your Capacity For Astonishment.’  On this day in history, in 1865, Abraham Lincoln died by assassination at the age of fifty-six years old. This quote was taken from a movie depicting his life and achievements. We use the quote to remind our viewers: ‘Lives That Inspire Never Expire!’  This quote, of course, we have stolen from a different man. The man who helped inspire the show that will be our primary focus this evening: The Teacher.”

Putting his papers down, the host pushed his glasses to the top of his head and looked out through the screen at his audience, “Now, before we begin, let’s get the disclaimers out of the way, shall we?”

Out of all of the shows segments The Disclaimers was The Joker’s favorite part. He leaned in mischievously to listen…

“The show you are about to watch has two primary objectives: One—To Entertain You; and Two—To Sell You Shit. With that in mind, please understand that what you will see and hear is extremely biased and influenced by our own selfish agendas. That being said, there are many things you will want to investigate individually. As always, we encourage this. With these truths out of the way, today’s Sunday Roast is brought to you by ‘O’Hare Air’ and ‘The Extender:’ Encouraging you to become the man you never were.”

The Joker giggled louder than the other two young men as a cartoon commercial for ‘The Extender’ began to play on their screens.  

What they watched would be better described as a short skit rather than a commercial, as it lasted ten minutes. This amount of time was too long for a commercial, but just long enough for a show. Studies had been done concluding that the attention span of individuals had decreased drastically with the rise of the internet. For a long time, people understood this to be a negative consequence of technology. However, more recent studies had discovered that the human mind’s capabilities were accelerating as a result of the constant barrage of having more and more thrown at it. This reality was detrimental to anything that required a long attention span but had benefits in other areas. It was advertisers who first recognized this new reality and adapted accordingly: In order to sell people more shit.

The skit came to a hilarious conclusion, and the words “BREAKING KNEWS” exploded on screen.

A clip from an old classic movie named ‘Armageddon’ began to play. This was The Believer’s favorite part of the show. He leaned in excitedly to watch…

The thrilling visuals from this movie were followed by a scene from the 1953 film, ‘The War of the Worlds.’ While the first movie clip looked ancient to the eyes in attendance, this one looked even more so; ten-fold. The fear expressed by the actors on screen seemed laughable. To The Believer, however, this fear; though ancient looking, still spoke to him. The Believer watching always worried about what was out in the vastness of space. The idea that a far-off civilization would one day come, and attack, made perfect sense to this imaginative mind.  

Once the scene from the old movie came to a close a montage of films displaying the end of the world appeared as a rolodex on screen. As the pages of this rolodex turned, the viewer was taken through all of Hollywood’s attempts to make money by entertaining minds with the belief that a catastrophic end to the world was imminent. 

A man in a yellow robe then appeared on screen standing next to the show’s traveling correspondent; Dani Owen. They were located somewhere foreign, yet the show did not specify where. Dani then asked this man a question, “Sir, could you please tell us what the word Apocalypse means to you?”

Speaking in a strong accent, the man in the yellow robe described, “… A period of awakening for all of humanity….”  

The description being offered was truly heartwarming. As they spoke captions and video-clips appeared on screen depicting great celebrations. When the segment came to a close, The Believer smiled: Hoping that he had been wrong about what this word meant his entire life. 

Upon this segment’s conclusion, the viewer was then magically transported to a beautiful modern-day city. In front of a tall building and flowing outdoor waterfall, appeared a makeshift living room. Two comfy chairs were set a few feet apart from one another. Between the two seats was a round table with two coffee cups sitting upon it: both coffee cups displayed a fancy-looking ‘J’ purposely facing the camera. Sitting in the chairs were the two hosts; Evelyne and Brodie; on Evelyne’s lap sat her cute black dog, Winston.  

This was the show’s main event, called “Mind-Molders.” During which these two hosts discussed how entertainment was shaping society. Today they would be discussing a show called, ‘The Teacher.’ This was The Thinker’s favorite part of the show. He leaned in attentively to watch…

“Today, when you say, ‘The Teacher’, one actor comes to mind…”  Evelyne held a picture of this actor up and gazed at it lovingly. “What would this show be without this man?” she asked; opening up the discussion.

“Yes, but has the show made him, or, has he made the show, is my question?” responded Brodie.

Nodding her head, Evelyne then spoke into the camera, “Regardless of what you think about this main character, the fact is this show has become one of the most watched shows on television ever. A truly amazing feet in world filled with endless options. Today, let us discuss how this show came to be and how it is shaping our society as we speak.”

“As you can see, we are sitting in the heart of Detroit, Michigan for today’s show. The home of JoJo Enterprises.” A different camera showed Brodie from above, sitting in the middle of a few tall buildings that surrounded a stunning concrete garden. Waving up at the camera Brodie continued to speak; a little louder than before, “This place is beautiful, but not as beautiful as its people. A lot of whom will tell you that this city was brought back to life the day it appeared as the fictional headquarters to a rising empire in the movie: Showstopper…. Now that’s some realistic fiction if I do say so myself!”

“What a ride it has been,” added Evelyne; as the camera view shifted back to a head-on shot. “While today’s show will focus on the series titled ‘The Teacher’ we must take a moment to recognize the movie that helped launch it. Please sit back and enjoy the now famous opening scene to this movie.” 

Evelyne and Brodie were replaced on screen by the opening scene of the movie they were referring to…

It began with the camera focusing on a smooth white rock that was resting on top of a small black book. The scene opened in frozen silence: 

Zooming out, these two objects could now be seen sitting upon a nightstand. A second later this nightstand could be seen beside a bunk bed. With the camera slowly scanning across the room it became evident that this was a child’s bedroom; as movie posters littered every inch of its walls. 

A small television sat turned off on a bureau as the viewer explored the room further. Coming back across the room a moment later the camera stopped at this television. The television then turned on.  

A clip from the television show ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ brought laughter into the silence. The channel then changed. The news could now be seen and heard coming from the television. The channel changed again. And laughter again filled the room. This television began flashing slowly from one channel to another. The pace of the channel-changing gradually quickened until it became a rapid blur of loud entertainment. The noise filling the room became as undistinguishable as the images on screen. 

After a few seconds of this the screen went black. Silence filled the room again. But then, the television turned back on. 

The scene on the television was now of a lighthouse overlooking a calm ocean. In the distance, dark, stormy clouds filled the horizon. The camera, that previously had the entire bedroom in its frame, began moving towards the television. Soon the room was gone and all that could be seen was this lighthouse overlooking the darkening ocean. 

A light from the lighthouse turned on, focusing its shine at a meaningless point in the ocean. Slowly the camera zoomed in on this spot more and more as the lighthouse disappeared from view. A sprinkle of rain began to slowly disrupt the calm, still water. 

The sound of this falling rain broke the silence and steadily intensified. A soft rumble of thunder woke the scene further. With those first distant rumbles of thunder something began rising from the depths of the water where the light was shining. 

What appeared as a small, flat surface at first, became a narrow rectangular silver box as it cleared the water. Continuing to rise, the viewer could now see that this box was supported at its base by a skinny metallic rod. This rod pushed the box up further until stopping about a foot or so above the water; leaving it floating there.

The now steady rain began to fall in slow motion and the volume of the scene became subdued. Strangely, as the image slowed, it became clear that the rain was not falling into this ocean but seemed to be getting sucked up into the sky instead. Trying to make sense of this, the viewer’s eyes focused at the base of the metal rod protruding from the water.  

In the midst of this confusion, a head began to slowly rise out of the water. With it, a pair of piercing, brilliant blue eyes inched upward unblinkingly. A moment after these two eyes became fully visible, a frightening crack of thunder turned the screen completely black. 

A second passed in loud stillness before large letters began to materialize in a blur out of the darkness. As those letters came into focus the sound of the storm became overpowering. Without warning the letters on screen snapped into focus with a loud bang: “SHOWSTOPPER”

“I get goosebumps every time Brodie,” giggled Evelyne; now visible again. “I remember the first time I saw that movie—Fair to say my life has never been the same since.”

“As we all know that movie was based on the Nobel Prize winning book,” started Brodie, “A book that in itself was inspiring, but one that was propelled to new heights when this movie was released. A movie that then inspired the show that we have come together tonight to discuss: The Teacher.”

The two hosts then turned their focus onto this show. Brodie began by explaining the unorthodox way in which the premise of the show was presented to potential networks; adding, “—Never before did a show attempt to influence life in the real world. It was a challenge that some of the most respected writers, directors, and producers in the business jumped at. Entertainment was always used to tell stories, but now it was being asked to create a future.”  

Evelyne jumped in to explain the show’s story, “The show followed Jose Julian as he used the profits from his best-selling book to create a school of his own; a new kind of school. A school he envisioned would produce students truly prepared to change the world….” 

After reviewing some of the shows more detailed plot points, Evelyne concluded, “Transforming reality began with education, and Jose believed he could elevate education with entertainment. This controversial application of his vision, along with the drama that came with it, made the show an immediate hit with a wide audience. But of course, this was only the beginning…”  

Clips from the first three seasons played, and Evelyne transitioned into explaining the show’s more profound intentions.

“While education was important, This Teacher had greater ambitions that we viewers would discover in later seasons. Privately meeting with some of the most wealthy and powerful people in the world The Teacher and ‘The Squad’ worked in secret to create JoJo Enterprises: A multi-media and multi-national empire that would create a new type of business model and force corporations to conform in order to stay competitive. JoJo Enterprises corporate moto said it all; ‘Creating a future you want for your children: Where progress is predictable, sustainable, and altruistic in nature.’” 

Brodie then took over, “This show simply did not know when to quit. And, come to find out, no one wanted it to. Sprinkled with conflict, drama, and of course humor, the show continues to entertain year after year. But what really keeps us all addicted is the overflowing amount of hope in the future it pumps into our veins. This show is legendary and is now considered the most transformative piece of entertainment today.” 

Smiling into the camera, Brodie held up a picture, “You know the show, but today we are going to tell you the story behind how one actor became known to the world as: The Teacher.” 

The Thinker continued to watch in amazement. Inspired by how one person was changing the world, he dreamt of what he could accomplish himself. It was not just him dreaming about this. Each person watching this on screen was now asking themselves the same question: “What If I Could Change the World?”


Can a person change the world?

The Teacher’s Playlist:

“You could be the hero.”

—Hall of Fame (Feat. Will.i.am) by The Script

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