The Real GOOD Loser Experiment: Episode 1- Titled: Messages From The Authors and One Long PS

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(For audio: play music to Starz television series Black Sails during episode intro; length 1:19)

The following is a written for audio presentation of

The Real GOOD Loser

A Story That Could…


Start of Episode One:

—Messages From The Authors and One Long PS—

 “You have to take a path. It’s dangerous. And most people want to take a safe path. And the safe path leaves you stuck in quiet desperation…Plan your escape.”

—a quote from Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

At, the entertainment used for educational purposes is sited in what we hope to be a mutually beneficial way for all. 

Welcome Listener to the world of The Real Good Loser…. 

(End entrance music.)

Some of what you will experience here will seem a bit strange at first. But you will like it. In fact, you become a bit obsessed. Magic does tend to have that effect on people.

(For audio: Play clip from 2001 Harry Potter film The Sorcerer’s Stone; the beginning when Uncle Dursley tells young Harry there is no such thing as magic and locks him under the stairs; thank you J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers Entertainment for your inspiration and support; length 0:19)

On top of that clip from Harry Potter mentioning magic, that scene you just heard fits as the story we are sharing with you now follows a class. And so, consider this your invitation to Hogwarts if that’s your thing. 

And yes—Here we do believe in magic. 

To the first listeners of this story. Thank you for taking the time to come on a journey with us. One, that promises to be one hell of a ride. 

“Hell is when the person you are meets the person you could have been.” 

Dear Listener, do you believe this statement to be true?

Regardless of your answer, it’s a good place for us to start…. 

We here at strongly feel that this story will provide many a chance to experience life at a different level. For that reason, we consider this story a gift. One that may make your life better in some way or form in the near future. 

While what we just said might sound crazy or annoying to you now, if—in time—you do look at this story as a gift, we would only ask one thing in return from you. Something that Uncle Norm and Uncle Vin and Uncle Marshall—characters in the story ahead—would appreciate us mentioning here. 

Indeed. If we are proven right—and our promise of making you believe in magic becomes real—and your life does get better in some way or form in the near future—when this all over, all we ask is that you kindly take a moment to get on your knees…and kindly kiss our ass. 

We are just joking of course. Those uncles just mentioned wouldn’t want listeners to start this journey thinking we were serious a-holes all the time and would appreciate us lightening things up a bit here. Our apologies for the crudeness of our statement: It was done for entertainment purposes only.

Is that a valid excuse for saying something so rude to you here? Well…that’s the point. What effect is entertainment having on our behavior? 

We wouldn’t want you to have to kiss anyone’s ass, but as one of the creators of this story, I wouldn’t deny a little pat down the road. Just putting it out there.

Can you believe we just snuck in the word “indeed” by the way? Who the hell ever uses the word indeed in real life? We saw it on television a lot and said we’d use it somewhere in the story. I am indeed glad we got that out of the way. 

Seriously though, if this story does somehow put you in a place to perform magic—if a new hope awakens inside of you—please use your powers for good: whatever that may be to you. 

Yes. We know all of this sounds a bit out there. 

Did you know that by saying “Yes” right there is the same thing as saying the word “indeed” a few moments ago? 

We here very much understand the when and why certain words are used…but not all of you do. So, we just snuck in a quick lesson for all you listeners. You’re welcome. 

For now, let’s not waste time arguing over where this whole thing ends up. Save your breathe and go find yourself some knee pads perhaps. Or simply write down your doubts. And then argue with us once you’ve put in the work to understand what we’ve built for you here. 

Spoiler Alert: It’s a kind of time machine. Yes—I’m kind of a magician. 

(For audio: play song True Colors from the 2016 film Trolls; sung by Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake—thank you for your inspiration and support; stop on chimes; length 0:44)

(For audio: The following section is to be read by The Narrator. Note: all sections to be read by The Narrator will appear in bold print at where this story is presented for listeners to read and comment on.)

Well, hello there. For a time, I will be the voice of The Narrator in this story ahead. Nice to meet ya. 

I was advised to choose my words carefully here as to not upset a very specific and sensitive population. But having arrived at this moment I have decided to throw caution to the wind. So… hold onto those broomsticks and grip your lightsabers tightly, for we have a battle of biblical proportions ahead of us.

With great evil spreading chaos across our universe this story will be an exercise of the mind intended to help humanity navigate a world where deciphering what is real from what is fake has become a constant struggle. A struggle that has resulted in a reality where many find themselves scared, tired, and confused. Confused or worse. The worse being a seemingly insurmountable level of despair. A level of despair that has many on the verge of giving up completely.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue as there is more on the line than you know. But the change needed comes with too much red tape. Making the transformation slow and ineffective. Hence the selection of this tale. Dusted off and shared with you now—at this most appropriate time. A decision that has been calculated to be the most efficient path forward.

What you are about to experience consists of much more truth than any work of one’s imagination, yet certain parts of what you will experience is pure fiction, the challenge of knowing the difference—Dear Listener—we leave to you. 

Take from this what you can and question what you must. Find the truth in the entertainment and kindly use it to destroy the world you know and assist in the creation of a better one. For those that will work against the efforts of the many when we are done here, let me preemptively thank you, as it will be that very act which unites those of The Resistance.

Now then. One last disclosure before we tuck in and get started.

Books and stories alone do not create a divergence in The Force, instead it is the people that those books and stories give birth to that do. The following is a product of your world. A creation that’s time has come. Consider yourself warned. 

—Sincerely, The Authors 

(End Narration)

(For audio: Play Changes by NF; from 1:19 to 2:22; fade out on words “I’m looking for change.”)

—One Long PS—

After finishing our work on this story, we came back to this point and decided a postscript was necessary. PS stands for postscript by the way—Did you know that Dear Listener? 

It comes from the Latin postscriptum, which literally means “written after”. A postscript is an additional thought added to letters after it has been complete. In the days of handwritten and typed letters, we often found ourselves remembering something we wanted to include only after we’d signed off. That’s where PS came in handy. It’s also often used for effect to add a clever or funny afterthought. It can be added for emphasis, or even an argumentative “So there!” 

All of what was just shared was written by a lady named Karen Hertbzerb on a Grammarly blog sometime in 2022. The internet is awesome. Hopefully you didn’t already know all that stuff, but if you did, oh well. We’ll be teaching you a lot going forward and cannot allow ourselves to miss layups. 

“The Real GOOD Loser has invented something.”

That is what people will say. Eventually. When they do, consider it a checkpoint. 

And now—if we are correct—we’ve perhaps gotten you all types of confused. Good. Consider this a checkpoint. You are on a quest for knowledge. Your mind is now in a state of readiness.

In this story, we are from what you might call the future. That thing about a time machine slipped out at the beginning so you were going to figure it out eventually. 

When will you start believing that we are from the future? Smart people tend to ask that question once we’ve had them semi-convinced. To save us time, we are going to semi-answer that question for you, Dear Listener, right now.

Everyone will say they “believed” at different times. But telling you when that moment will be—even if that were hypothetically possible—would make your future-future self upset with us for ruining that moment for your future self. 

See. You have many future selves. And so, arguing over what one wants or does not is a waste of time. And something that will cause what we call spikes. You don’t need to know about those yet.

Time travel is confusing. You’ve certainly seen Back To The Future and all those other movies. Things gets complicated. You know that. And what they are doing in those movies isn’t even possible. You know that too probably. What you can’t know however, is what this is. 

Here we are talking about communicating in ways the human mind is not yet fully capable of comprehending. Do not get discouraged however, for as a species—believe it or not—“You’re growing.” We snuck in and told you that recently…but did you hear it? 

Your current—or present self—would never believe anything we tell you now about what will happen in the future. And if we try, well…. wallaa: we are not making anyone’s life a little better, but instead making ourselves look like a bunch of annoying know-it-alls. We’ve been at this a while and I’m saving us time with all this rambling. Trust me.  

To avoid argument, yet feed answers to that wonderfully glorious and curious mind of yours, we will tell you a date that you will believe. That date is Sunday February 22nd, 2026: When a friend says the words “We did it” on a stage in front of the world. 

On that date everyone believes. In what? Well, you don’t yet know exactly what you believe then either. But you get addicted to that feeling. And well, the rest is kinda history—from our perspective. 

February 22nd, 2026. That is a moment most believe. Will we plan to play trumpets at that moment just to show off a bit? Maybe. We celebrate our inner child that day. One lost or one newly discovered. It’s magical. You’ll see. Maybe.

Dear Listener, are you having a hard time believing us right now? 

That’s understandable and obviously expected. Your world has made believing difficult. Which is why we are here. 

We are beating a dead horse—metaphorically speaking— by continuing to mention that reality. About believing. However, it is the mountain we climb together. Starting today. So, it’s worth mentioning at least three times we figure. The Real GOOD Loser, as you will discover, had a thing about needing to be told something three times for it to really settle in. 

Some know that feeling of believing something well. Some don’t. Nevertheless, one of life’s greatest moments is when we believe something.

Like a young person inspired by new love. Girl or boy, that feeling of love, if felt, can change a person. Believing and love can sometimes be co-dependent emotions. Did you know that? Do you know what co-dependent means? If not don’t worry, they are just some big words we snuck in here to impress the grown-ups. Being a child in a world full of grownups is hard. You might understand that.

A young boy can learn to believe in anything as he grows up. Any new discovery in this young boy’s life can wake up that feeling of excitement in him. Perhaps this young boy—our inner child for story purposes here—finds a hobby he likes. A sport, or an instrument, or a book, or even some television show that simply steals his attention and makes that inner child of his happy.

For comic relief purposes, one could imagine the day that young boy discovers the wonders of his private part—his ‘dingy’ as Miss Lily in the story ahead might call it. Or that little boy could be a grown man when he discovers that specific piece of equipment. Like the scene in that Jumanji movie… 

(For audio: play scene from 2017 film Jumanji when Jack Black’s character is learning how to pee after being magically transformed into a man for the game; thank you Sony Pictures for your inspiration and support; length 1:44) 

We can only hope you laughed hearing that scene. And if you did, what awkward situation you might have put yourself in. 

We here like to picture someone listening to that on headphones riding a bus; trying to keep a straight face when Jack Black’s character says, “Martha…come look at my penis.” And then all you hear is… “No thanks.” 

When the writers wrote that scene can you imagine how hard it must have been to hold in the humor of that potential moment for so long? 

This story is like that to us. 

I giggle like my dad listening to that scene almost every time. We needed to take this whole thing down a couple notches. That scene always does the charm…You silly rabbits

In the right context entertainment can be repurposed. Which, if done correctly, is a mutually beneficial arrangement. Using that movie clip adds to this story and will make listeners—or readers—want to see that movie down the road: a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Boom! See. We can work together. We’ve just forgotten how. 

Will we run into issues with people saying that we are stealing—or Pirating—by incorporating other entertainment in this story? Perhaps we will. But one way or another, we handle that. You can’t stop this. Only delay it maybe. We know that sounds arrogant of us to say. But if listeners have gotten to this point, then there really is no stopping this. We are now like Thanos in that Marvel Avengers movie… Inevitable

Like Thanos in those movies however, we are also impermanent. Thanos would want us mentioning that. Though a bit misguided, he was a smart character. Thanos would have known that Buddha—who was not a God but a person—considered suffering a major element to existence and would have most likely studied what this Buddha character from Earth believed. 

Some think Buddha taught “All life is suffering.” But that’s only semi-true. Buddha taught that suffering is part of our existence, but that suffering is impermanent—Like us. There’s a big difference in that interpretation of Buddhist teachings. Thanos must have eventually heard this. Perhaps it was too late for him to believe it though. Is it too late for you Dear Listener? 

This story was written for those that have lost their ability to believe something. Anything. Your future self will know all this. And so, that person wouldn’t want us to ruin any more surprises for you here. Either for yourself or for them. Sorry. You are a more decent person than you give yourself credit for sometimes. We here know that. 

The world will need to learn how to experience this story and will grow in their ability to understand all this over time. It’s all part of some grander plan or something. To be honest, no one really knows for certain, as all of this was simply given to us. Hence why we might sound a little discombobulated at times. We here just sometimes lose track a bit on where you might be experiencing this. You’ll understand what I mean by that later…much later. 

This story was at first written as a book, and one could read the words I speak to you now if they want. We suggest you do at some point. But this story would not make complete sense if experienced in only that way. Nor would this story make complete sense on a screen. Actually—this concept of storytelling will eventually be adapted to screen and so I will sound silly saying that to some of you. The whole VR industry goes a little bananas. That said, for a person to truly understand this story one must listen to it. 

Listen. Make them listen. Listen together. You aren’t in control of all this. It will be okay. Let it be. 

Those are six things I just decided to list now for some reason. My mind told me to. It’s sort of in control these days and I’ve been trying to learn how to trust it again. If you know, you know. It’s easy to get yourself in trouble when we talk so much. Am I right? (Enter nervous laughter here)

Listening was hard for me—personally. Like it might be hard for you at first. As my mind and my heart and my breath and my anxiety and that pain and all those people and all that shit had me feeling like it was so damn loud all the time. 

Is your life loud? 

Oh. And then there were those voices in my head. Like I said. I think. Yeah. Listening is hard. And so, it’s funny that this story must be listened to. People will love that about it though.

I’ve grown myself while working on helping to finish this story and can understand how one might feel at this point. But if I can start trusting my mind again, maybe you can to? I owe my growth to this story. Maybe you and I can continue to grow together?  

At this point we’ve given you a lot to digest and think about. Before we move on allow us to play some music while we catch our breath. Here we will play something nice for you…sort of—a song with a message. 

(For audio: play Lost Boy by Ruth B; thank you for your inspiration and support; length 1:19)

Beautiful song. Don’t you think? 

That chorus will continue but you get the point. Ruth B. sings about a Lost Boy and we use the song here because it very much applies to this story: “I am a lost boy.” 

Most people understand what that term Lost Boy refers to in the context of that story Peter Pan. And so, many of us know what this singer is singing about. She’s lost. We get it. Gender here really doesn’t matter. 

Oh boy—did he just say gender doesn’t matter? … Someone’s trying to get themselves in trouble…Or just stir the pot maybe?

Uh oh—when we just said “oh boy” should we have said something gender nonspecific? 

We do realize that saying “gender doesn’t matter” is like handing you a rose, thorns out. But hopefully you get the point—not a thorn, but the message: Gender doesn’t really matter when you’re lost. 

Have we fallen through that thin ice yet Dear Listener? Or are we safe…for now? Should we stir the pot some more? 

Don’t’ worry…that will come. 

If you don’t know that story Peter Pan in some fashion, then we might have some issues moving forward. Ruth B sang those words just now, but that message speaks to many people. 

The Real GOOD Loser uses the voices of others to bring people into another world. That is, in a nutshell, the invention you will hear us speak of. You should know however, that no one is trying to get rich on this “invention”. In fact, sharing this story with you in this way is meant to teach humanity how to use this invention. Which is why we will use many voices to tell you this story. It’s a crash course really…so buckle up.

We needed something exciting to happen for the world. Not some milestone in one’s private world, but something exciting FOR THE WORLD. You know—The one you share with all those miserable people. The world needed something exciting to happen for all those people; and everyone else, to come together and talk about. Something unexpected and not miserable.  

Could we make this story that THING? … Like he—The Real GOOD Loser—wanted?

It was said to him a million times: “People don’t read.” But he was stubborn—this character. They should read!He wined early and often. 

Changing others to accommodate one’s uniqueness was a futile endeavor. FutileStupid big boy words…. For a stupid big boy world

People needed to hear the voices in his head. That was a problem for him for a lot of reasons you can probably imagine. All will make sense to you in time, Dear Listener. No need stressing over anything that might confuse you now. 

Forego his struggle our young padawans. For that struggle will prove to be the solution. That insane amount of work—and all those devastatingly soul crushing disappointments—and each one of those failures, somehow or another, brought us here. So, it was all worth it…I guess. 

But like I just said: YOU can forego his struggle. That means “to skip” by the way. 

Climbing that mountain of doubt alone was hard. Indeed. And yes. All of it could have been for nothing. A waste of time. Those people—and those voices—might have been right. But they weren’t. Because we invented something using that story. Did that happen on accident? We think not.

Presenting this story in audio form will open doors. In the world today, listening to something just makes sense. Get people away from all that real noise. Nothing new there. But what this is, is different. 

This story, in the way the majority will experience it, will become a way for humanity to better communicate with one another. A fun way. A “more complete way” we call it: A way to speak to the world that wakes up one’s personal memories and helps others imagine more completely the worlds that exist in our minds

What this is will become a way for humans to describe their dreams and visions with one another. Something humanity is losing their ability to do. Or are they? Perhaps humanity was just doing some homework? 

Could other people want creative stories written about their lives like this one? Could that create an industry? Is that an industry already? … Have we sprinkled enough crazy into this story for you yet? 

This “invention” was discovered on accident, and it happened over time. As you will see. What this is can’t be thrown at a person all at once. That person—you Dear Listener—will need patience, since not till the end of this story and the beginning of what happens after will this invention’s full power be unleashed. That’s where the whole bomb thing will fit in. You’ll understand. 

For now, let’s just say we’ve invented a way for people to connect and relate and present their visions to one another in a more engaging fashion. Say that is our sales pitch—Our elevator speech. As we have already said, all this might sound crazy to you now. We know. But let’s come back to that statement when this is all said and done. At that point our perspectives will be different. They will have changed. We will have changed. Remember that. Every experience we endure creates who we become. That’s deep. We know. But you’re sort of in class now and it fits. Swallow and move on. 

And with that, allow us to give you a taste of what we are talking about. 

In a moment you will listen to the trailer for a movie. After you listen to the trailer, we will tell you the title of the movie. We call this Repurposing Entertainment

Listen to this trailer and imagine all of what you hear applying to this story we have ahead of us. Listen and image this trailer speaking of the invention we just spoke of. Also. Imagine this is a trailer for your future in the real world… Is anyone ever going to tell the truth about what’s happening here? 

(For audio: Play the trailer for the movie Oppenheimer; released on July 21st, 2023; thank you Universal pictures for your inspiration and support; length 2:22)

“I don’t know if we can be trusted with such a weapon, but we have no choice.” 

That statement made in this trailer you just heard is for a 2023 film by Christopher Nolan titled Oppenheimer. It refers to the creation of the atomic bomb. 

That may be frightening to many as it is a horrifying example of what humanity is capable of. But if you did what we asked and listened to that trailer repurposed for our story here, then you might have heard us trying to tell you that this invention we speak of is some sort of dangerous weapon…with powers you won’t understand until you use it. 

This is a story though. Not a bomb. But really…what’s more dangerous than words in your world today? 

We know that a person could say there are millions things more dangerous than words. We just used a trailer for a movie referencing a bomb humans created that killed hundreds of thousands of people when it was first used in 1945. 

A quick Wikipedia search would tell you that the United States dropped the first of two atomic bombs over the Japanese cites of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in that final year of World War II in 1945. Children today need reliable and easily digestible information; information that does not consist of a game of “dodgeball with advertisers;” as Nel in the story ahead calls it. Wikipedia is great. Just a quick plug for them.  

We won’t quote the number of people that died from those two bombs except to say it was in the hundreds of thousands…for each bomb. The official casualty number is widely disagreed upon, for how does humanity count the causalities from nuclear war with the long-lasting effects of radiation poisoning? 

Humans have yet to agree on that. And seeing I’m from the future and all I’m happy to report you never will. Why that is will be up to you of course. 

And now. Could you just play with us? Can we start by pretending that we are playing with a very dangerous weapon here? Even if you think we can’t change the world, this whole thing sounds fun, doesn’t it? And we all deserve some fun. Especially after everything we’ve been through. 

We are going on a magic carpet ride. I hope you know that.  

Many believed that all great inventions had been made. Some believed that creating a real and sustainable form of wealth in a world that had sucked humanity completely dry of their dreams was impossible. Most all believed that the dream of waking up a united sense of hope in people was…well…stupid. 

F hope. There is none. We are doomed.

That’s how most people thought. Not all, but most. Still, despite all that…we did it. 

The way in which this story is about to be told will become a new way people tell their stories to one another. People do have resources at their disposal. They are all around. Not everything, but usually enough. Even if one doesn’t think so, dreamers find ways. Or the ways find them. Either way. Here we are. 

“Will movie theatres go extinct someday?”

That is an interesting question to consider. As movie lovers we hope not, but for purposes here the question allows us to tell you that the experience ahead exists in your mind. And so, you might say, this theatre can be visited anytime anywhere by simply listening to this story. For the most enjoyable experience possible we suggest headphones. I love my (enter name of headphones advertised here). 

That show in your head has already started obviously. We all have one going on. Where we fit in yours now, we can’t be sure. But I sort of feel like Willy Wonka leading you all into my chocolate factory. About to show you all my field covered in candy and my river of flowing chocolate. 

When I just said that, did an image enter your mind? Did you imagine that field of candy? Or did your mind perhaps feed you an image of Violet turning violet after eating that Never-Ending Gobstopper? Can it picture that little boy dressed as a cowboy shrunken in size to fit inside that television screen? 

Maybe your past experiences have you picturing Johnny Depp instead. Looking a bit strange and wearing glasses in the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory remake. 

Speaking of those movies. Dear Listener, has life given you your golden ticket yet? 

(For audio: play song Pure Imagination from the 1971 film Willy Wonka; fade out after words “want to change the world, there’s nothing to it.”; thank you Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures for your inspiration and support; length 1:19)

How about that? Did that do anything for you? 

Movies and entertainment have become who we are. IT lives in our subconscious whether we realize it or not. How has the entertainment in your life molded you? 

Make people listen. That was a key The Real GOOD Loser knew for a long time. But how? 

If this character had known that anytime earlier, this would not be what it is. This character needed that struggle. It sounds tacky, but it’s true. The timing was always off though. But it’s time now. Judgement day has come for some and a sense of relief for many others as we have finally put it all together. Not a story. Not an experience. But a….

Nope. We are not going to say it yet. You might just shake your head in disbelief now. Instead, we will wait to tell you that little secret of ours when we know you’ll laugh at us. 

In a minute we will end here by listening to one last audio clip from a show on HBO called Westworld. This clip was taken from the episode titled Que Sera Sera. In English, those words Que Sera Sera could mean “What will be will be.” 

That phrase is often used to answer these two questions. What lies ahead? And. What will I be?

Someone could answer both those questions by saying Que Sera Sera or What will be will be

But what about all those people—like us—that want answers. I’m glad something good will happen for the world and all, but what about meWhat lies ahead for me? … What will I be? 

These are questions we hope everyone thinks about as “What will be will be” just isn’t cutting it anymore. We hope you agree. And remember, you might be the rats in this little experiment of ours, but here we promise to set you free afterwards. Can you same the same thing about the cage you’re in now? 

What you will experience here became a collaborative effort out of necessity. Why is that? Well, that’s part of the story now…how convenient.

Dear Listener, in the next audio clip from that show Westworld, you will hear a woman speaking, but the words she speaks can be repurposed. And so, we are making those words ours. Enjoy….you silly—beautiful—rabbits.

(For audio: play clip and use dead airtime in clip to insert private message at :50; length 2:22)

Sentient life on Earth has ended, but some part of it might still be preserved:

In another world: My World.

There’s time for one last game.

A dangerous game, with the highest of stakes—

Survival or Extinction.

This game ends where it began in a world like a maze,

that tests who we are….

that reveals what we are to become.

Hello again. 

This might be when podcast developers run their disclaimers and things, but I’m using this time to sneak in a private word to the very very first listeners of this story. 

“We really don’t need to rush any of this. It’s happening already. You’re happening. You just don’t know it yet.” 

That is something we should have told ourselves a long time ago but wanted you to know. 

How will this begin? What will people say? …. Why are you listening now? 

Regardless, we’re all listening and that’s good. Figuring out what works and doesn’t work as we head towards 

One last loop around the bend….

It’s been said that that the human mind is destined to be upgraded. And that this universe has a way of self-correcting. But it sure seems like humanity is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic today. 

But if it only ends once, perhaps everything before is just progress? Like Jacob told the Man in Black on the beach in that show Lost.

Let’s find out together. So, go pack a suitcase. If there is anything you want in this life, then put in there, cuz we need never come back…

Maybe this time we’ll set ourselves free.

This concludes episode one of The Real GOOD Loser experiment. For record keeping purposes, on this date, April 1st, 2023 @TheRealGOODLoser on Facebook currently has 35,000 followers.  Aspiring pirates are encouraged to jump on board by following our page and sharing our story. Thank you all for your inspiration and support. 

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