“REMARKable” (Week 4)

I bet you were not expecting the first official ‘class’ to be like that did you?

“One percent pirate!” I’m such an idiot sometimes.

If you have not been with us from the start, please visit ‘RecoveryHighSchool.com’ to get caught up. We’d love to have you join us.

Now, just because I call myself a teacher here please do not think that I am any different than you. We are all lifelong learners as far as I am concerned. Please remember that moving forward.

With that being said, laughing at ourselves is going to be important. Appreciating that we all are mistaken sometimes, and being able to acknowledge when we are, is going to be key to surviving what lies ahead.

For the record, there is no official nationality called ‘pirate.’ A lesson I learned, obviously.

Speaking of not knowing everything, as someone that is ‘living in recovery,’ there is one question people always ask me, “What helps you stay sober?”

Personally, I very much dislike this question; as there is no profound answer that I can give. Recovery is not a vacation. It is not always wonderful. It is not always fun. It is full of difficult times that cannot be overcome with a strong ‘work ethic’ or with an unbreakable sense of ‘dedication.’ Our brain chemistry has changed. Dopamine levels have been altered (please research this if you want more information). As many people say, the ‘real world’ waiting for you after living in a mind altered state is not all sunshine and rainbows!

Life can feel boring. It can be sad. It can be overwhelming. It can feel pointless and empty. To be honest, most of the time, I have found that patience is the greatest asset one can have in recovery. Not only do I believe this is true for someone living after struggling with drugs and alcohol but for someone living after most traumas you can think of. The problem is that in the world today, where everything is ‘one click away’, and so much is expected of us right now, who can truly say that they are allowed to be patient?

That is the struggle.

At this point, with such important topics to be discussed, you may be wondering why our first class was simply one long joke?

Well, because I needed to create something “REMARKable.”

Let me explain.

When I was designing and planning to present this class I realized that the title “Social Recovery 101” would sound very intimidating to some. While there will be a lot of serious issues addressed, I needed you to realize that much of my time would be spent telling you tales of things I have learned from my life experiences. While each class is meant to teach you something, I needed you to know that ultimately I wanted to tell you a story.

“The Story” I refer to has been ready for quite some time. However, presenting it in a way that would get your attention has been my greatest difficulty. After many failures I eventually realized that one thing that would be pivotal was timing. So I had to become patient.

While I waited, I researched. I read. I listened. I watched. I thought. I dreamt.

The issue that haunted me most was this; with so many people vying for your attention, so many worthy voices wanting to be heard, how could I present something “REMARKable?”

Meaning, what could I do that would be worthy of someone making a remark about on social media?

Early in my research, I came to the realization that what got people’s attention most today was money, power, and sex. Unfortunately, I had little money, no power, and I understood clearly that no one would want to see me naked. So, I settled on the fifth best thing; humor. Drama/conspiracy/mystery was ranked fourth on my list by the way.

In the end, I decided to begin this class by telling you a funny story about how I actually once believed that I was a descendent of a pirate. Hopefully this approached worked, hopefully you’re still reading.

But, if my story was a big fat failure, I needed to be prepared. I needed to do or say something that would ensure people did not forget me this early in our journey.

I decided that what I would have to do is tell my audience/class/Y-O-U a secret about myself. Something that would get people talking. Something that would get people to say, “HOLY CRAP, CAN YOU BELIEVE HE JUST TOLD US THAT?”

Immediately, I knew the secret I had to tell.

It is something that I have kept to myself for a very long time. It has caused me to be self- conscious, paranoid, and riddled with anxiety and shame my entire life.

If I’m wrong about what I’m doing here, telling you this secret will forever haunt me. It will make me a joke!

But life is not worth living willing unless we take risks, right? So, here goes nothing.

Are you ready?

“I am (BLANK)”

Okay, so unfortunately I have decided that right now I just cannot risk telling you my secret. If this class is a success, I promise to fill in the blank at the end. Hopefully it will be the mind-blowing showstopper I expect it to be.

And with that disappointing end, class is dismissed for today. Going forward, please remember that one ‘lesson’ will be released each week on RecoveryHighSchool.com. When you feel ready please follow us on our FaceBook Page, Social Recovery 101, as this is how we will create something memorable, together!

"Here We Are Again."- Mirror by Lil' Wayne

Question Of The Day:

What Do You Think ‘The Secret’ Is?

Teacher’s Note: Our FaceBook page ‘Social Recovery 101’ now has 2,253 Followers (+52%) and 56 Page Shares (+7%). Remember, Y-O-U will change the future as U are more powerful than U realize!

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