“Disclaimer” (Week 1)

First things first.

Please be aware that I’m about to say all the words that are inside my head.

Personally, I’m fired up!

And must tell you that I am tired of the way that things have been.

If you can relate to these feelings, I am certain that you will enjoy the ride we are about to embark on together.

So, let’s get started….

What up world!  It’s your boy, just one of the guys down here.   Well, I could be more specific.  I’m a human.   And, uh, just wanted to, you know, for the sake of all us Earthlings out there, say a few things.  So, here goes nothing!

My name is Joseph Ernest Henrie Sr.; feel free to call me ‘Mr. H.’  The boy you see in the picture is my youngest son, ‘Little Joey.’  Let him represent the inner child in us all as we try to make sense of the world today.  Consider him our mascot for the journey ahead.  

(Please know that I also have two twin boys that are older. Like everyone, they will have the choice to join us at any time going forward.)

So, what is this “Journey” I speak of?

Sounds very ‘cliche,’ I know.

Well, it all started in an attempt to increase enrollment at my school in early 2019 .  See, I work at a ‘Recovery High School.’ If you don’t know what a recovery high school is, then you’re not alone.  Simply put, it is an alternative program for students who have been identified as individuals that may struggle with substances. 

To create awareness in the community, I began writing a series of editorials for our local newspaper that I called; “A Teacher IN Recovery.”

In the process of writing, I realized that everyone should have the opportunity to create a future for themselves where substances do not derail their dreams.  So, I decided to present these editorials as a collections of short stories that would be entertaining, educational, motivational, and inspirational.  Those stories turned into the class/journey we are now about to begin together.

At this point I would like to take a few moments to clear up the purpose of what you will be reading.  Yes, talking about recovery from drugs and alcohol will be an important element of these ‘lessons.’  However, it is my belief that all of us are recovering from something in this life; regardless of your age.   For many, substances are just covering-up deeper issues facing everyone. Hence the reason for the title of our class, “Social Recovery 101.”  

The lessons/chapters are designed to introduce you to something we will eventually refer to as the “Octagon of P.A.I.N.” For now, just know that we will be discussing and addressing emotions that are causing turmoil everywhere and anywhere you look.  When we are done, I will attempt to give you something to help fight these emotions from taking over your life. 

There will also be discussions on our FaceBook page, ‘Social Recovery 101,’ (a link to our page can be found at the top of this page) as well as on our website; RecoveryHighSchool.com.  You can join in, or simply sit in the back of the class and just listen.  I have always been a listener myself, there is no judgement here.  

For anyone that chooses to read this, the goal should be to grow on a personal level.  In saying that, please know that there will be guided questions after each lesson is presented.   ‘Journaling’ has been a pivotal and useful tool in my journey, my suggestion is that you get yourself something to write in and answer the questions so that you can reflect on your thoughts later.  

As we proceed, please know that I believe the future will only be as bright as the visions we create in our minds.  

What lies ahead of all of us will be challenging.  My HOPE is that you, or someone you know, will find what you read here helpful.   My DREAM is that you, or someone you know, will use what you learn here to change the future! 

Now, one quick disclaimer before we move on.

Be warned that what I’m about to say may scare you.

Are you ready?

Please don’t run!

Ok, here it goes….

I love Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, in order to create a class titled “Social Recovery 101” there was no way to avoid bringing up the 45th President of the United States.   I accepted this fact long ago and decided to get it out of the way at the start and move on.   

Yes, he may act like a jerk, sometimes.  However, I contend that he was the perfect person to remind people all over the world that with freedom anything is possible.  To me, that is exactly what “Making America Great Again” is all about; thank you Mr. President. 

The point of what we are doing here is to recognize that we are all recovering from something. For that reason, I believe we must include Mr. Trump in with us.

Now, how do you help someone in recovery?

You love them.

This is different than saying you support them.

Ask any parent or friend of a struggling addict and they will explain to you the difference.

Ok now, with that out of the way, good luck to you all, I look forward to being your teacher.

"I'm sorry that I let you down."- Let You Down by NF

TEACHER’S NOTE: Music will be important as we proceed. Pay attention as you will be tested when we get to the course “Exit Ticket”)

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Question Of The Day:

Must two people agree in order to learn something from one another?

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