“The Set-Up” (September 2019)

Our FaceBook Page ‘Social Recovery 101’ went live on September 1st, 2019. As of Friday September 6th, we received 28 Page Likes, got 28 Followers, and had 2 Shares (One was my own). We thank you for your support.

Dear Friends, I am a teacher at a recovery high school in Massachusetts. If you do not know what that is, be patient, you will find out soon enough. At this school I teach math, however, I am fortunate enough to be able to discuss many other things with my students given the unique design of our program.

Recently, a discussion came up about individuals and groups of people that have changed the world in the past.  We began discussing the possibility of changing the world ourselves.  Most students laughed at the idea.

I argued that with the help of social media that the right person, with the right message, with the right support, is more capable now of changing the world than ever before.  

We have turned this discussion into an experiment that begins this month.  

Starting on the 18th we will release one article every Wednesday discussing “Social Recovery” on our website RecoveryHighSchool.com.   To incorporate math, we will graph our engagements and try to illustrate the power of the internet in aiding ‘exponential growth’ of an ‘idea’ or ‘message.’

We hope you enjoy this ‘class’ and choose to support our campaign by sharing our message.  Thank you in advance for helping me teach these kids that in this world, anything is possible. 

“It Was A Big, Big World! But We Thought That We Were Bigger.”

– 7 Years Old by Lukas Graham

Teachers Note: Our first visually engaging post with a “Call To Action” was released Monday morning, September 9th, 2019, on our FaceBook Page; ‘Social Recovery 101.’ We are calling the post,

‘Spread The Love.’

FaceBook Post released by ‘Social Recovery 101’ on September 9th, 2019. (Tagline read; “Spread The Love” Who Inspires You? Please Share. Thank you, RecoveryHighSchool.com). See week 1 article, titled ‘Disclaimer,’ on September 18th at RecoveryHighSchool.com for engagement results. Thanks for your support!

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